We believe that each of us
is on a spiritual journey,
and regardless of 

where we are, 
where we have been,
or what circumstances 

led us there,
God has a purpose for everyone,
and a plan to actively work

in everyone's life.

We Believe...

- in the Holy Trinity; 

God the Father, 
Jesus Christ His Son,
and The Holy Spirit;
Creator, Redeemer, Sustainer.

- in the resurrection 

of Jesus Christ,
which brings life

 abundant and eternal 
for all who accept Him 
as Lord and Savior

- in the power of prayer

- in abundant and 

all-encompassing Grace
available to all

- in a sovereign God 

who offers salvation
through Jesus Christ

- that God's redemptive love

is realized in human life
 by the work of 

The Holy Spirit

- in the Sacraments of

Baptism and 
Holy Communion

- that God calls and speaks

 to each of us

- that God has blessed 

each of us with 
unique and special abilities, 
talents, and experiences

- that no one is beyond 

or excluded from
the grace and love 

of Jesus Christ

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